Monday, April 30, 2012


When I was born, the mighty and the direction of America were fully in place to see that there was no competition from children against white children. History records the fight for equality from people in this country who endured dogs chewing on legs, beatings with whatever that could be found, false arrests, and “fun” killings. Still today, over one hundred and sixty unsolved murders of black people remain without investigations, while America is willing to live with these facts and forget that they happen. The evil of racism is excruciating for people who were only trying to own something that no one has the right to touch or deny; individuality, and human rights. The motor for this evil is the word “race." It is used preserve the practice of the smart white skin deception.

 There is no smart skin. Skin does not make a “race” of people anymore than nose, toes, lips, hips or other body parts. There is no white “race” of people. There are white Africans. Racism is the greatest fraud that has ever been perpetrated against mankind. This fraud is based on the indemnity thief of the African cultures now known as “western civilization." The results of this evil have been far too destructive for also many humans across the globe to remain silent.

These practices remain in place because of a sense of entitlement and the threat and fear of giving up a system that allows welfare for people who do not want to take individual responsibility and do not want to work for their livelihood.

These people have lied and accuse others of doing what they have done for hundreds of years. Their goal was the motive for slavery and inequality. Policies of inequality are still in place to teach the  supremacy lessons and to prevent equal education to black students. When I graduated from high school, I had the approximate equivalency of a third-grade education while working black people paid taxes for the best schools that money could buy for white children.

I find it necessary to mention the above facts to explain to the world that I do not write this book under the guise of education, I write from the many years of experience of living with hate and my perception of that hate. I write for the readers to share and express their opinions of my perceptions. I write with little organization because it is written as I think. The sub-title of this book, A Potpourri of Thoughts, is a good description of the veracity of subjects within. I am writing as a thinker to share another side of this evil hate from my own observation and experience of living in America. I find a reason to make many comments about the subject of “race” because of the hundreds of years of suffering, character assassination, demonizing and lies from the racist comments that are told about black people or anyone who has anything that the racist wants.

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