Saturday, April 27, 2013


When I was young, I once had an experience with a friend whom I shall never forget. I had only known him for a few years, but this was a rare case of my seeing many good things in this person in a short time. We happen to be in Cheyenne, Wyoming where the cold cause's people who are living in the same building to have close contact with each other. This man appeared to be the type that loves dating different women, so I judged him to be a lady's man. I often heard him express his disgust for “fagots,” and many others derogatory names he had for people. I was surprised later to learn that he is gay. I have sometimes seen this pattern in many situations with others, especially when there are those with self-dislike. It seems as if people avoid the things that they despise within their own personalities by projecting this hate into others.

I believe that this is what we are finding with the racist and white Supremest. These people are obsessed with hate for black people. I believe that this is from insecurity, fear, and self-hate because of the truth from Africa is in conflict with the lie that they tell.  Perhaps projection is the only way to avoid facing our own cruel personalities. We create selected victims who are the images of what we hate about ourselves. I believe that the single way that we think there is to escape this reality is to project it elsewhere. This is where the extreme hate for black people is manifested; this prevents us from not ever scrutinizing who we are.  We all know that the behavior of people who are “superior” to others have the basic problem of not civilized enough to know how to live in peace  with others, without a reason abuse others simply because of power. The common sensible approach with power is not having a need to make unnecessary enemies by cowardly bullying others. This system of hate is going to cause this country to self destruct. Bullying, abusing, and bragging are not the answers.

The problem I have with this truth is that I have trained and worked in psychology for many years, and I know that this conduct is very common within the mental health communities. My concerns are why are the American Psychological associations and religious groups so silent on the hateful, destructive, system. We all know that these are the ingredients of insanity, but we never connect this with the teaching of racist hate. Why do we ignore the fact that the victims of this design evil are targeted for insanity? Instead of trying to stop this; we always sanitize and protect the word racism from ever being applied where it is obvious? This problem uniquely set America apart from the rest of the world as criminals against mankind. The question that we should ask is why don’t we know this?
Why are we so comfortable with cruelty?

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