Monday, June 8, 2015


America teaches insanity and the results of that teaching is often heard when listening to polititions.
When Rick Santorum had the gall to say "I don't want to make black people life better by giving them someone else money,” he exposed the fact that he is not a thinker. Why does he forget that the system of low wages, racism, and slavery certainly made his life better by getting money from others? Slavery and racism provided the wealth in this country for people like him. Has he forgotten that black people died to give what racism and slavery provided for him? Americans are wealthy because of the free labor from slavery.

Mr. Santorum has forgotten meaning of slavery. Is he so laking in empathy that he cannot connect black Americans as his equal?. Has he ever thought of just how the enslaved must have hated the welfare that he and his family enjoy from their labor?  Did he know that it was people like him who sat on porches, drinking lemonade while black people were working and earning money for white people? Black people are not asking for welfare, such as the entitlements that he receives, We are asking for equality and justice. We are not asking to be put on hold through inequality and identity thief just so racist like him can catch up. It takes a lot of germ sperm to be dangerous enough to say something as stupid as his statement. He forgets that he enjoys spending the money from slavery and low wages. If he and people who think like him, disagrees with racism being welfare than he should ask himself why does the racist system fight so hard to prevent equality and fair competitions from black people?

The problem with racism in America is that the racist and white supremacist have created an evil condition that is way out of control. America has taught this white supremacy and black inferiority lie so long that many ignorant people believe this to be true. America has taught us all to be ignorant. We are lead to believe that we should not ask questions on a subject that is in defiance with logic, such as a man walking on water, living in the belly of a whale, or in a lion’s den. We are taught that skin, a body part, determent's brain power, why not smart nose, toes, lips, or hips, any old body part will do. We are indeed taught to be ignorant. The worse part is that the teachers of this insanity motive is to continue a parasitic livelihood for those who are to lazy to work. This is the same motive that found the need for slavery. Now these same people have the gall to make statements as if they believe that  the welfare from racism is different than  receiving welfare checks from the government. Here is an example of the feeling of  racism welfare entitlement is when Rick Santorum had the gall to say "I don't want to make black people life better by giving them someone else money,” He feel that he is entitle for someone else money as long as they are black people who worked and made his life better.This comes from the results of being taught to only have empathy for white people.