Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Americans have always known that the police have framed, and lay on black people. For hundreds of years, this evil has been accepted by America. With modern technology, In one case alone, where a black man was murdered, the police told three different lies. These kinds of frame-up will never be completely hidden again. The world of people knows the history of Europe and Africa.  It is time for America to put down their camera and pick up a mirror. We are all African Americans.  We are all Homo sapiens. It is time for America to explain to the people in this country who are not aware of this.
That's not a different “race” of people. These lies have destroyed billions of people around the world. This fantasy is too expensive for other humans. Let's talk


We are all Homo sapiens with origins from Africa. It does not matter if you are a killer or king, all modern humans are Homo sapiens, with African origins.  We are all from the same human family. It is time for America to correct the many lies and the lessons of hate that we have been taught.  The "race" lie is exposed. The world of people now sees the real Americans, who has the nerve to talk about human right in other countries.  In spite of the fact that we are taught to be ignorant, we should all be embarrassed with the lies that are told on black people  to maintain racism in this country. We are taught that black people are the world’s greatest criminals, the fact is that people who live in the countries where  the “Caucasian race” have committed more murders than all other cultures put together. Let’s talk.