Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Hilary Clinton is evil rolling down a hill and picking up all the trash to carry with them. Both Hillary, and Donald Trump is insulting to the people. The American media is pushing this choice of Trump as a sure in for Clinton and status qua. Hillary cannot wait to get into Africa and other third world countries with resources while pretending humanity, and  claiming Democracy. These people are forgetting that once Hillary is exposed that the American people who are suffering from the disparity of wealth, that they will know the truth about the cruelty in this country and the corruption within the establishment. The first question that will be asked, is why would our leaders endorse someone who is known to be against the poor? Bernie was the only candidate for the poor people.

America is betting that they can hide all the information about the Clinton crimes until she is in office. The leaders are dumb enough to believe that this crook will change once she is POUTS, and gain power. Hillary will throw  all of these idiots under the bus if she has the need to do so. They forget about the emails, Edward Snowden, and Russia. Once there is a look into the Clinton Foundation, this criminal will be fully exposed. Hillary cannot help it, she is money crazy. Hillary is in bed with any country that will give the Clinton foundation donations, including those with violation of human and women's rights. For those who think differently, I suggest that they watch "Clinton Cash." or read Clinton Chronicle.

It is insulting that the democrats think that they can get away with this kind of fraud. More than insulting, it is embarrassing that there are people in this country whose brains are so destroyed, that they only know to follow. Consequently, the teaching of ignorance has caused the middle class and poor to vote with the billionaires. The big problem that they will face in the future is that they have destroyed the future of the democratic party. The people in this country
are without the ability for common sense. I cannot understand how any thinking person can possible not see that Hillary Clinton is as evil as the mother of satin. I remember her sick laugh when she spoke of the death of Godafy. She talks about her dedication to women and children but ignore her policies that has cause thedeath of millions of women and children. She often speak of her devotion to women rights but she is unable to have empathy for minorities women. Here is an example:White women  receiver more wage's for the same job than all other women, she has never addressed this inequality.

If by some evil force that Hillary become President of the USA, the title of President is about to change to dictator. She will first change laws to cover every crime that she plan to commit. The media will continue to be controlled by her.  Her goal will be to become the wealthest woman in the world with unlimited power. This women is a sadistic pervert. I believe that there is many crimes that have been commited by the Clinton's.

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