Friday, September 9, 2016


There is nothing that Americans fear more than the truth about the lack of morality, integrity, and character. I often hear those who have never exprience another man's life beliving that they can define this man.This is racist arrogance. Aermericca is not equal, or just and provide entitlements for people in this country who have white skin.  These parasites become very angry when they hear a black man who does not speak for the racist white skin lies. . This scenario is presented to us as if it a condition of skin color saperate the white "race" from the human family. This insanity leaves them without aRACE biological foundation. We are taught to be ignorant enough to buy into the skin game that teaches the stupidity that when brains are wrapped with black or brown skin that the brains are damaged.

The goal is to believe anything that promotes their social acceptions. They are the  last peole to enter civilization who are ready to murder, and destroy minds to protect the white skin fantasy. There are many tools in place to control and destroy the thinking, and logic from the people. American know the power of indoctrination. The white Africans understand that the source of livelihood for the descendents of the slave holders is based on mind control, and lies. Thinking America are always  in danger of media chasracter destruction or worse. There is a lot that is said about "rhetoric, radicals, or liars when we hear truth. Americans are deeply affended when the victims of racism can artiulate the pain of this evil. The racist continue to treat the victims of racism like they are children or chattle.

Photo published for ♫ Illbeats: Grind All the Time - Various Artists. Listen @cdbabyThis game teaches us that white skin is smart skin causes us to be stupid enough to follow everything that we are told to do by the media. We are taugtht to believe, to obey, and follow. We allow the media bimbos to explain to us what they want us to believe.We are so mentally destroyed that people who are working with two jobs and sleeping under bridges, are voting with policies for billionairs. This stupidity has the need to maintain many lies. Fear of exposure is related to the extreme hate toward the people who the racist fear, and who can expose the truth. The reality is that we are now a country full of idiots. We are told what to believe, and will never learn how to think. I am not a believer,
I want to know.

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